Wed, 06 Dec 2023

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US Editorials

Israel ignores U.S., as civilian casualties start mounting in Gaza again

Israel resumed its military operation in the Gaza Strip on Friday with heavy bombardments. As strikes continue, the United States ...


Pentagon secretly providing bombs for Israeli bombardments

The U.S. has supplied Israel with scores of BLU-109 bunker-buster bombs since October 7, the Wall Street Journal has reported, ...

Biden administration says EPA to replace lead water pipes in 10 years

WASHINGTON D.C.: This week, the Biden administration announced a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would require U.S. ...

Cyberattack hits Japan space agency, rocket and satellites unaffected

TOKYO, Japan: Japan's space agency recently fell victim to a cyberattack, but reassuringly, the compromised information did not pertain to ...

Michigan man sentenced to prison term for keeping dead wife in freezer

MOUNT PLEASANT, Michigan: This week, a judge sentenced a Michigan man who kept his dead wife's body in a freezer ...

US CDC says life expectancy for newborns in 2022 gained a year

ATLANTA, Georgia: After two consecutive years of declines mainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, babies born in the U.S. in ...

Three more Israeli troops die in Gaza conflict, death toll hits 400

The number of soldiers in the Israeli army killed in the current Israel-Hamas war has topped 400. Three hundred and ...