Tue, 11 May 2021

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Colorado National Guard wrong to punish JAG for attending a Black Lives Matter rally

Exhibit included in lawsuit against City of Denver to ban use of tear gas and projectiles on protesters. Provided to ...

State ban on temporary liquor licenses unfairly targets NYC

On top of all the ways Gov. Andrew Cuomo has slammed New York City bars and eateries throughout the pandemic, ...

GOP orator Tim Scott wins race- Goodwin

There were two big speeches in Washington last week, and one was terrific. President Biden gave the other one. ...


Swiss auction of 100 carat diamond could bring $20 million

GENEVA , Switzerland: A diamond valued at nearly $20 million is to be auctioned in Switzerland within days. The 100 ...

U.S. tracking China rocket section reentering Earth orbit

WASHINGTON D.C.: Sections of a Chinese rocket are expected to reenter Earth's atmosphere this month.While the sections are being tracked ...

1913 menu found in British cafe remodel

LIVERPOOL, England: A 108 year-old menu has been discovered by workers who were renovating a cafe in England.While working on ...

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin begins space tourism with July rocket launch

KENT, Washington: Spaceflight company Blue Origin will sell a seat to the general public on its first crewed flight to ...

China should target Australian military sites, says newspaper editor

China should consider "long-range strikes" if war with the West eventuates, according to an editorial in the country's pro-government newspaper ...

Broadway theaters to reopen Sept. 19, tickets now on sale

NEW YORK CITY, New York: In a major boost to Covid-weary New Yorkers, Broadway theater tickets have gone on sale ...

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